How to Use Hydraulics in GTA 5 on PC Keyboard

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) isn’t just about driving and shooting; it’s additionally about style. And what adds more style to your virtual rides than hydraulics? Whether you’re cruising through Los Santos or competing in stunt races, mastering hydraulics can take your GTA 5 experience to an unheard-of level. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use hydraulics on a PC keyboard to elevate your gameplay.

Understanding Hydraulics

Hydraulics in GTA 5 mimic the water powered suspension frameworks found in lowrider vehicles. They permit you to control the level and slant of your vehicle’s wheels, making for a few truly impressive stunts and customizations.

Setting Up Hydraulics in GTA 5

Before you can begin bouncing and flipping your vehicle, you want to set up hydraulics on your keyboard.

Basic Hydraulics Controls

Here are the basic controls for hydraulics:

T: Activate Hydraulics
W and S: Raise and Lower the Front of the Vehicle
An and D: Raise and Lower the Left and Right Sides
Spacebar: Hop

Advanced Hydraulics Techniques

Once you have the rudiments down, it’s chance to get creative with your hydraulics.

Combine Movements: Attempt various combinations of key presses to perform remarkable tricks.
Use It in Heists: Shock your heist team with a few unforeseen moves.
Stunt Races: Dominate the stunt races with your hydraulics skills.

Mastering Hydraulics in Gameplay

Since it has become so undeniably obvious how to control your hydraulics, how about we investigate how to use them effectively in various parts of GTA 5.

Vehicle Customization

Customizing your vehicle with hydraulics can make your brave stand in the virtual world. Figure out how to pimp your ride like an expert.

Hydraulics in Stunt Races

Stunt races are about style and precision. Discover how hydraulics can give you the edge in these high-flying races.

Hydraulics in Heists

Heists require cooperation and methodology. Find out how hydraulics can be used decisively to gain an advantage.

Tips and Tricks

To turn into a genuine hydraulics ace, consider these tips and tricks.

Perfecting Your Hydraulics Skills

Careful discipline brings about promising results. Figure out how to finesse your hydraulics moves for greatest effect.


Encountering issues with your hydraulics? We take care of you with troubleshooting tips.

Community Resources

Join the GTA 5 community and offer your hydraulics encounters. Discover online discussions, videos, and tutorials from individual fans.


Hydraulics in GTA 5 is really a fun and unique way for customizing and upgrade your gameplay. Whether you’re into in vogue vehicle customizations, thrilling stunt races, or key heists, mastering hydraulics can give you the upper hand in the virtual universe of Los Santos.


Can I at any point use hydraulics on all vehicles in GTA 5?

No, hydraulics are fundamentally available for lowrider-type vehicles in the game.

Do I want a unique keyboard to use hydraulics?

No, any standard PC keyboard will work for hydraulics controls.

Can I at any point use hydraulics in GTA Online?

Indeed, hydraulics can be used in both the single-player story mode and GTA Online.

Are there any mods for enhancing hydraulics in GTA 5?

Indeed, there are mods available that can expand the capabilities of hydraulics in the game.

What’s the most effective way to rehearse hydraulics in GTA 5?

Visit a custom vehicle shop in the game to fine-tune your hydraulics skills and examination with various combinations of movements.

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