How to Use Hydraulics in GTA 5 on PC Keyboard

“You’ve jazzed up your car in GTA Online, making it bounce with cool hydraulics. But how do you do it on PC? Don’t worry! This guide will help you become a pro at lowriding in no time.

Step 1: Get the Right Car

First, you need a lowrider car with hydraulics. These aren’t regular cars. Visit Benny’s Original Motor Works and pick one you like. Then, go to the customization menu and choose “Hydraulics” to set it up.

Step 2: Learn the Controls

Now, let’s talk about the keys you’ll use:

  • The “X” key activates the hydraulics. Hold it to use them.
  • Tap “X” once to make your car go up. Hold and release “X” to make it bounce down.

Step 3: Do Cool Tricks

Time for the fun part! Here’s what you can do:

  • Hold “X” and tap “A” or “D” to make your car jump sideways.
  • Hold “X” and tap “W” or “S” to make it jump front or back.
  • Tap “X” quickly for small bounces.
  • Mix tapping keys with “X” to make your car rock.
  • Try different combinations while steering to do more tricks.

Practice makes perfect! Experiment with different moves, but don’t flip your car. Keep it smooth and you’ll impress everyone.

With practice, you’ll be the best lowrider out there, turning heads wherever you go. So, turn up the music, hit the road, and show off your skills!”


Hydraulics in GTA 5 is really a fun and unique way for customizing and upgrade your gameplay. Whether you’re into in vogue vehicle customizations, thrilling stunt races, or key heists, mastering hydraulics can give you the upper hand in the virtual universe of Los Santos.


Can I at any point use hydraulics on all vehicles in GTA 5?

No, hydraulics are fundamentally available for lowrider-type vehicles in the game.

Do I want a unique keyboard to use hydraulics?

No, any standard PC keyboard will work for hydraulics controls.

Can I at any point use hydraulics in GTA Online?

Indeed, hydraulics can be used in both the single-player story mode and GTA Online.

Are there any mods for enhancing hydraulics in GTA 5?

Indeed, there are mods available that can expand the capabilities of hydraulics in the game.

What’s the most effective way to rehearse hydraulics in GTA 5?

Visit a custom vehicle shop in the game to fine-tune your hydraulics skills and examination with various combinations of movements.

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